SHAVER LAKE (KGPE) — Fresno County’s mountain communities continue to rally together. On Saturday night, they gathered in Shaver Lake to have another event where they’d raise money for those who lost everything to the Creek Fire.

For Linda Leonard, a nearly five year Shaver Lake resident, an event like Mountain Strong Day has been a long time coming. She said through the devastation of the fire, she’s gotten closer with her neighbors.

“We all became acquainted and all said we look forward to the day that we can all come together and celebrate should we survive the fire,” Leonard said. “We’re so happy, it’s so exciting. Just tears of joy.”

Mountain Strong Day was quickly organized by long-time residents and business owners to give families dealing with any Creek Fire damage a break, also to raise money for families who lost their homes.

The event had free food and drinks.

“There are a lot of people that aren’t quite home yet who do have home to go to, but they’ll get there eventually. [Also], we’re all here to help all those who don’t have homes rebuild,” said Stacy Steele, one of the event’s organizers.

Last month, the owners of Get Deerty and Blue Lotus partnered together to sell jewelry and clothing with a Creek Fire design. All profits from their fundraiser will go directly to families rebuilding.

They said they surpassed their goal, but they hope to keep raising more knowing there’s so much to recover from this year.

“It’s not only just the fire. Before the fire, we had COVID-19 and all the challenges people are already battling — then you have your house burn down,” said Kim Lawson, co-owner of Get Deerty. “Or, your business, some people didn’t have their house burn down, but their business shut down.”

You can find out more about Get Deerty and Blue Lotus’ Creek Fire fundraiser by clicking here.

There are several community funds going that will go directly to helping homeowners rebuild what they’ve lost to the Creek Fire.

You can click here to donate to the Resiliency Fund. The Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau also started the Rebuild Our Sierra fundraiser to raise $1 million for Creek Fire victims. You can click here for that one.