KINGSBURG, Calif. (KSEE) – Families bundled up at Kingsburg Memorial Park on Saturday evening to watch the Kingsburg Community Ice Skating Show.

The show featured Olympic and world skaters Kelly Abolt and Surya Bonaly, as well as a variety of dance numbers and Christmas carols.

9 -year-old Payton Dellamaggiore was in Kingsburg for the event, visiting from Clovis with her big sister Paris.  

“I thought it was very interesting, I liked all the ice skaters on there that was very cool,” explained Payton. “It was just cute, it was funny, it was cute.”

Siblings Lana, Donovan, and Nelson were also Saturday’s show. What was Nelson’s favorite part?  

“It was when everybody came together and showed off their little moves and then showed off everybody at the end,” said Nelson.

Ice skating events are a common sight in the city of Kingsburg during the holidays. It’s a way for families and friends to celebrate the season.

 “I like that song and it was a really cool part of the show it made it more fun and everyone started clapping.” 

Surya Bonale, a retired Olympic world champion who took home three silver medals, was the special guest at Saturday’s event.

She is the only figure skater known to land a backflip on the ice on just one skate.