FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) –The 4th of July weekend will bring busy airports and crowded roadways.

“Starting Friday, through Tuesday, July 5th,” said Vikkie Calderon with Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

Calderon is asking passengers to get to the airport two hours early if flying domestic, and three hours ahead of time if flying internationally.

“Please arrive early, allow for plenty of time for parking, airline check-in, and to get through security screening.”

Flights are expected to be near capacity – or full. If you are driving to your vacation destination, AAA officials say high gas prices have not put people off getting behind the wheel.

“Despite high gas prices, despite inflation, road trips are going to be the most preferred method of transportation this weekend,” said Aldo Vazquez with AAA Northern California.

In California, Vazquez says 4.6 million drivers over the coming days. Nationwide car travel is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels with around 42 million people expected to take to the roads. Big cities are popular destinations.

“Lot of folks are going to be heading to those big cities, a lot of beach destinations and places where you’ll find amusement parks. So, we’re looking at Orlando, Seattle, Anaheim, New York, Honolulu, Las Vegas.”

If you are driving, AAA recommends leaving early in the morning or after 7:00 pm to avoid the heaviest traffic.

Some people are staying in town to save on gas.

“I’ll be staying home,” said Bruce Fleming, a driver in Fresno. “[Gas prices] have made me think about the road trips I want to take and whether I can do something else instead.”