FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Many plan to travel this holiday season, however, winter weather can make those road trips more dangerous.

Every winter, the weather leads to crashes that can cause serious injuries, even death. That’s why today CalTrans, the California Highway Patrol, and the National Weather Service came together to encourage all of us to prepare for the dangerous conditions.

Deputy District Director of Maintenance and Traffic Operations John Liu said, “we at CalTrans stress being proactive. The things you can do now can help you later in unfavorable weather.”

While rain and snow are major weather concerns, Felix Castro with the National Weather Service says here in the valley we need to be ready for fog.

Warning Coordinator Meteorologist National Weather Service Felix Castro says, “it’s incredible how underestimated the fog is across the valley… its the number one killer across the valley.“

“Fog is one of the most challenging weather-related phenomena to forecast” Castro continued.

No matter where you are headed, Captain Damon Gilmore with CHP says drivers should have emergency supplies in the car at all times.

“The most important reason is you never know if there’s gonna be a breakdown. It’s always a good idea to have some blankets, snacks, and water in the vehicle along with a shovel and snow chains,” said Gilmore.

They say to leave early, reduce your speed, put distractions away, and buckle up.

“We are here to get you there while getting to your destination on time is a priority getting there safely is imperative,” said Liu.

The three agencies did this today because they say being informed and proactive can make the difference between life and death.