CLOVIS, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – A Clovis resident and former state prison guard has pled no contest to hiring a hitman to kill someone.

According to court documents, Miguel Angel Corona has been convicted of ‘Solicitation of Murder’ after confessing his plans to police.

Back in November 2021, he hired a neighbor for over $8,000, to kill the now ex-husband of his ex-girlfriend.

“In my three years as a detective and 13 years on patrol, I’ve never come across a case like this.”

Clovis Police Detective Nathan Jaime led this ‘hitman for hire’ case in 2021.

“Miguel paid eight-thousand one hundred dollars to Bradley [Costill] to kill the ex-girlfriend’s husband,” said Jaime.

Miguel Corona, a former correctional officer of four years, paid Costill, thousands of dollars in cash to carry out the killing.

At the time, the intended target in this case, who we will not be identifying, was married to an ex-girlfriend of Corona’s.

Corona laid out his plans to her. She then called police to go and check on Corona.

“Miguel left and she wasn’t able to get in touch with Miguel, so she got concerned. There was a lot of information she was given and she was still dealing with it,” he said.

After a welfare check call, Corona and Costill were on their way back to Wrenwood Avenue in Clovis. They were met by responding officers from Clovis Police.

Detective Jaime says after a few questions, the two broke down and confessed.

“I responded and did the interview with Miguel and Bradley,” Jaime said, “they were interviewed separately, and they both gave consistent statements about their arraignments and their plans.”

Because they confessed on record, both of them were charged.

“Based on both of their statements under Miranda, they were arrested for conspiring to commit murder,” said Jaime.

 Guns were found in Costill’s possession confirming the deadly nature of the plot. They were illegal firearms.

“They appeared to be ghost guns, two of those firearms were located,” he said.

However, because of the work by police, and having both suspects in custody, the intended victim was out of harm’s way.

“He was not placed on protection due to both suspects being placed in custody,” said Jaime, “he was contacted after the arrests and he was unaware of anything like this, he was caught by surprise.”

Costill took a plea deal and is serving two years on probation.

Corona pled no contest and was convicted for conspiracy to ‘Commit Murder’ on October 2nd and faces a sentencing of nine years in prison.

“It was good letting them know that they were, hey here’s the plan, they were arrested and we wanted you to know,” said Jaime about the conclusion of the case.

 The cash paid out in the foiled murder-for-hire scheme has not been recovered.