Highway 168 road closure due to snow leaves dozens disappointed

Local News

A snow storm shutdown a major part of Highway 168 Sunday, just north of Prather.

Snow stuck to the ground at nearly 1,700 feet, as well as just above 3,000 near the four lanes.

Now, California Highway Patrol says the heavy snowfall over night is causing dangerous road conditions.

“Still closed until further notice, we don’t have an ETA, they’re actively plowing,” a Caltrans employee says.

Dozens of drivers were turned away on Highway 168 near the middle of the four lanes, miles before Shaver Lake.

“Didn’t know it was going to be closed, kind of bummed, going to have to head down the hill now,” says William Hurley, visiting from Dinuba.

He wasn’t the only one bummed about the road closure.

“The scenery going up there is really nice it was just disappointing driving back down knowing you can’t enjoy it, but if it’s for safety reasons, then it’s OK,” says Amy Hernandez, visiting from Parlier.

Snow plows made their way up and down the roadways, and CHP says this weekend’s heavy snowfall is making it hard for crews to clear.

“When we get the snow on the roadway for several days in a row and the temperature is so cold it’s harder to remove it from the roadway and it packs on the roadway,” says CHP officer Joel Williamson

The winter storm not only affecting roadways, but causing power outages in the area.

And while the road to shaver shutdown, Joshua Ramirez and his family are making the most of it by throwing snowballs and building a snowman.

 He says, “The kids had a great time, but now they’re ready to go.” 

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