FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Large boulders the size of SUVs still block three of the four lanes on Highway 168.

According to Caltrans, three geologists deemed the highway safe enough to reopen just one lane of the highway, around what’s left of the rockslide.

More rain and snow are expected to hit mountain areas, including that portion of the highway.

Contractors and subcontractors have been brought in to try and get rid of the rockslide.

When you reach the roadblock near the rockslide, contractors escort you through the closure.

Delays can last between 15 to 20 minutes, and they’ll be out there 24/7 until the highway is cleared.

“What we are doing at this point is a one-way traffic control 24 hours a day until we’re able to completely reopen it,” said Elizabeth Yeston with Caltrans District 6.

The break from the storm on Tuesday allowed rock scalers and geologists to look at how stable the mountainside is.

“They were looking for any kind of weak spots or anything that could be problematic, they found that it was ready to go and we could get people at least through a one-way traffic control,” she said.

But the whole mountain isn’t deemed “hazard free” just yet.

“There are areas that we still need to evaluate. We’re going to bring in another contractor to do more scaling and the rock removal,” said Yeston.

California Highway Patrol officers have been assisting Caltrans in making sure people obey the signs and monitor the highway.

“Our California Highway Patrol is our partner as a state agency. We watch their logs and work with them with our traffic management center and together we keep an eye on what area would be problematic,” she said.

According to CHP, they’ll send even more officers to the mountain areas through the week, as more rain and snow are expected.

“Right now we’re having extra officers go up because of what’s happening out there. We’re sending extra officers up to patrol the area and also to assist Caltrans in getting people up and down,” said CHP Officer Tracy Gallian.

According to Fresno County Public Works, Auberry Rd. is still closed, and can be closed for up to two weeks after a washout eroded a portion of the road.

If you want to avoid the closure, Tollhouse Rd. is the only option, until crews open up all four lanes of Hwy 168.