Here’s what happened to the abandoned dog rescued by a woman and Fresno Police officers

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We brought you a story in January of a woman and Fresno Police officers who rescued an abandoned dog in a busy part of down.

Mindy Hawkins, Maybelle’s rescuer, spent hours attempting to lure the lost, scared Pitbull into her car with the help of two Fresno Police officers who kept cars and others at bay to make the rescue a bit easier.

Once she was inside Hawkin’s car, she says Maybelle had obvious signs of neglect and abuse.

After more than a month of some love and TV time, Maybelle still hadn’t found a home, and to make matters more difficult, Hawkins learned Maybelle was pregnant.

It was right in the middle of Hawkins searching for a no-kill rescue to take Maybelle to because she was at the pet limit in her own apartment.

“Out of the 55 rescue groups that I reached out to, only five got back to me only to tell me that they didn’t have room for her,” Hawkins says.

However, a no-kill rescue in Salem, Oregon called “Hopes Haven” agreed to take her in, but if Hawkins was able to transport her to the rescue.

She did just that.

“I made the very long trip up in the winter weather along with the help of my daughter to bring her to a new foster home where she ended up delivering her nine healthy babies only a couple of days after I brought her there,” Hawkins explains.

She says Maybelle and her pups will go up for adoption with out the possiblity of being euthanized due to lack of space, which is a common practice in the Central Valley due to the pet overpopulation.

“Maybelle was one of the many dogs that are left abandoned daily by irresponsible people. Every single dog that is euthanized in a shelter is due to someone’s negligence and/or ignorance,” she says.

Adding, “We need to as people responsible for this crisis as a community of Americans, come together and stop shopping for pets and only adopt from shelters and rescues at least until the population is under control again. Adopt don’t shop is the best thing you can do if you are seeking a new companion.”

Happy trails to Maybelle and her nine pups.

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