FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) — As the sweltering heat continues to pound the state, rolling blackouts remain a possibility.

PG&E said that based on current energy supply forecasts, rotating power outages are likely to occur Tuesday.

If you want to find out if you’ll be affected, here’s how:

First, go to

Second, locate the yellow box that says “LOOK UP YOUR ROTATING OUTAGE BLOCK NUMBER.”

That button will open a new tab. On that page on the top-left, enter your address in the search box.

This will an “outage block” and “sub outage block” — for example, 07 and then J — or 7J.

Finally, go back to the first page and see where you are.

Use the number first to locate your group — for Tuesday, those are labeled 1-7. Then look at the middle column to see which letters in your section are impacted. The rotating outage block numbers in section 7 for Tuesday are listed as 7I-7O — which includes 7J from the previous example.

The far-right column lists the time for those affected who could be a part of a rolling blackout Tuesday is 10 p.m.

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