A sign seen at a Fresno gas station is sparking some controvery. The key word is “immigration” and the sign is located at the Sinclair gas station at Kings Canyon and Clovis Avenues.

Some say they’re offended while some support the message. The gas station’s owner is Rick Ashodian, a well known business man in the area. He was not available for comment on the sign.

Virginia Landeros says she was stopped at a light at Kings Canyon and Clovis Avenues when the sign she’s used to seeing at the Cinclair gas station displayed a message she didn’t expect.

“The signs have always been humorous, upbeat, lighthearted and today it just really caught my attention,” said Landeros.

But on monday the sign said “heaven has walls, gates and a strict immigration policy”. Whether the message is religious or political, Landeros says this is what she got out of it.

“You’re not gonna go to heaven if you’re Hispanic. Really, basically,” said Landeros.

As a long-time customer, Landeros took offense and posted a shot of the sign to Facebook.

“It was offensive to me who goes there and who spends our hard earned money, on gas, windshield wipers, brakes,” said Landeros.

She says Sinclair employees stood by and laughed.

“They were like pointing at it and like smiling. You know, snickerking and I’m like really, wow,” said Landeros.

Some of her friends on social media agree with her while some actually support the signage. She believes President Trump’s border wall agenda is a strong influence behind the message. Landeros clarifies something must be done about issues at the border but says this sign doesn’t spark any change.

“And needless to say I won’t be going there anymore. I mean, he’s lost my business,” said Landeros.

A spokesperson for Sinclair Oil Corporation said in a statement, “Every Sinclair oil station is independently owned and operated, however, because the sign in Fresno has been deemed offensive, we have encouraged its removal.”