FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Fresno Police and the California Highway Patrol impounded 60 vehicles and issued 168 citations for sideshow involvement Sunday.

Most of it went down at the intersection of Dan Ronquillo Avenue and Roeding Avenue. Calls initially rolled in for the massive sideshow around 10 p.m. Sunday.

“Definitely yesterday was an anomaly. It’s not very common that we issue that many citations in one day. We are very thankful that officers and motor unit were out in force,” said Fresno Police PIO Sgt. Diana Trueba Vega.

Sgt. Trueba Vega said the Fresno Police Department said 50 of those citations were related to reckless driving or aiding and abetting, that’s when individuals block roadways or are encouraging sideshow behavior.

Meanwhile, eight people were arrested for driving under the influence, with another being arrested for felony evading the police.

“We want to ensure that nobody is injured. We don’t want anybody to lose their life whether it is somebody that is driving, somebody that might be spectating, or just any nearby person that might be driving in the area,” said Sgt. Trueba Vega

The tire tracks Monday could be seen all over, even off-road, as tracks lead directly to a destroyed road sign. Police were just thankful nobody got hurt this time.

“People do see this as fun, exciting, but we want to remind them that this type of behavior is not only criminal, but it is very dangerous and can be fatal,” said Sgt. Trueba Vega.

Officials say that even if criminal charges aren’t brought, it could still cost $2,500 to get an impounded vehicle back from police custody.

Fresno Police ask that if you see sideshow activity, or if you see it advertised on social media, to give them a call.