FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – On Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order over the shipping container crisis in Southern California.

Recently the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have dealt with major delays. Newsom’s executive order over the congested ports has two main goals: reduce the shipping traffic and delays off the California coast, and get more truckers and port workers hired. A major part of the order directs state officials to find state-owned property where the containers could be taken and temporarily stored, hopefully reducing some of the ship traffic. But the owner of G.S. Bath incorporated, a Fresno-based trucking company, says there is a second, even bigger problem.

“The problem is going to be there because you’re still going through this pandemic and due to the driver shortage, you’re going to have less people to carry the containers out of those spots,” said Raja Bath.

Bath says he is even experiencing staffing issues because of Covid-19. He says the solution is simple.

“Better incentives, and come up with a program.”

Newsom’s order also expedites workforce training and education programs for truck drivers and port workers. The governor released a statement Wednesday saying he is committed to solving the supply chain issues.

“The state is taking action to support goods movement in the face of global disruptions,” Newsom said. “My administration will continue to work with federal, state, labor and industry partners on innovative solutions to tackle immediate challenges”

Bath says other trucking companies that rent parking space from him in his Fresno lot normally would be hauling shipping containers from California’s ports, but they don’t have the drivers to do it, which contributes to the supply chain issues seen in the ports.

“They don’t have drivers, that’s a problem,” Bath said. “So these guys would be hauling those containers, but due to having no drivers now they’re sitting here.”