TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – One of the suspected gunmen accused of killing six family members in Goshen back on January 16th, has pled not guilty to all eight counts and charges.

25-year-old Noah Beard appeared in court virtually Tuesday afternoon, less than a week since his arrest was announced.

35-year-old Angel Uriarte is still recovering in a Tulare County Hospital after a gun battle with ATF Police. 

They’ve both been in custody since January 23rd.

“Are you going to be entering a not guilty plea and denying all special allegations?” Asked Judge Mikki Verissimo.

“Yes your honor,” responded a public defender standing next to Beard.

Judge Verissimo read aloud all eight charges against Beard, through a computer screen in front of her.

Beard stood handcuffed in a gray sweatshirt with an orange jumpsuit underneath, still in handcuffs.

He and suspect Uriarte are being charged together in a complaint filed by the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office for the killing of the Parraz Family.

Both are being held with no bail.

“You are charged with the crime of murder,” said Judge Verissimo.

The two are charged with six counts of murder, street terrorism, and gang-affiliated murder, as well as several other charges.

“A 10-month-old baby shot and killed in his mother’s arms,” she read aloud to the courtroom.

One of the victims, 10-month-old Nycholas Parraz.

Security video released last week shows his 16-year-old mother, Alissa, trying to save her son by lifting him down over a fence, before trying to climb another fence herself.

Both the mother and baby were shot in the back of the head.

“That the above offense was committed for the benefit and the direction of a criminal street gang,” said Verissimo.

Beard is a known gang member and has over a decade of criminal history.

Court documents show that he was already wanted by the Tulare County court for a previous felony charge that included guns and drugs when he allegedly took part in this massacre.

The other suspected gunman, Uriarte, is also a known gang member, with a 23-year criminal history.

Some of the victims in the family allegedly had ties to a rival gang.

No official motive for the massacre has been given.

Beard is expected to be back in court on February 16th for a preliminary conference. 

Uriarte is still recovering in the hospital and will be arraigned virtually when the court finds him fit to do so.