FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Two residents at a fig garden apartment complex are being called heroes today after they pulled a man out of his smoke-filled apartment 

A cooking fire started sometime after 9 p.m. Saturday at Fig Garden Villa and prompted a huge response due to the size of the building and the number of residents who live there.

A resident whose unit was filled with smoke was trapped inside and two neighbors ran to his aid.

There was only one thing going through Linda Wilson’s mind after heavy smoke filled the apartment building where she lives.   

‘Get him out,’ that’s what went in my head, ‘get him out,’” recalled Linda Wilson.

Her neighbor whose unit had filled with smoke from a cooking fire was struggling to get out.  

“The front door, we didn’t even think about the front door, we just got him out,” explained Wilson.

Wilson said another neighborhood, Derrail Hicks, went through the window and pulled the man to safety. 

“He was passed out over the window, we jumped in, and got him out dragged him out so he can get air,” said Wilson.

Crews were called to the apartment complex sometime after 9 pm and quickly put out the fire.  

“When crews arrived they found smoke in the hallway on the floor crews were able to get inside they did an aggressive search for the fire and found there was only food on the stove,” said Battalion Chief Brad Driscoll.

No other injuries were reported.  

Officials say the man pulled out of his unit was suffering from possible smoke inhalation, and they’re just glad it wasn’t worse  

“God blessed us to be awake so we could get him out,” Wilson said.

Fresno fire officials also said that the working smoke detectors helped to alert the residents about the smoke and that’s why so many were able to get out in time.