FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Today was the first day you can file your 2023 tax return. 

While the deadline isn’t until April, experts say you want to start preparing early.

Experts say the money you spend on tax preparation could really help you in the long run with tax savings.

“Start getting your stuff together so you can fill on time or at least or at least file an extension on time,” said Brian Ullmann.

Brian Ullmann with the Ford Financial Group says there could be some back ups this year since congress passed some tax reforms in 20-22 forcing many Americans to file extensions.

“Last year I saw more extensions filed than I think I’ve seen in my career so there’s a lot backed up here so that’s because of 11th-hour tax changes going on in the tax code and all that maneuvering that comes with it,” he added.

Ullmann says there’s no time like the present to get started. 

“Now is the time where you’re probably going to see that stuff from your bank, your mortgage company, your investment firm so its time to start compiling those things, i would say it’s equally important to start putting together any of the charitable contributions you’ve made make sure you’ve got receipts for those,” he said.

Ullmann says it’s a good idea to look at your tax filing from last year to help guide you this year and to get ahold of your tax preparer now.

“You can still make contributions to your IRS or your Roth or some other investments for the prior year, you have until the tax filing deadline to make contributions to your IRA for example for the tax season of 2022,” he said. 

But Ullmann says when it comes to refunds it’s all about attention to detail, knowledge of tax law changes, and meeting deadlines.  

“By the tax deadline you have to either file your taxes or file for an extension if you file for an extension you will have until October to file your taxes for real,” said Ullmann. 

Experts also say now is a good time to look at your retirement account contributions and if you still have some room to contribute make sure to get that in because you can still apply it to the last tax year.