Gavin Gladding’s accused killer to appear in court for sentencing Monday

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Eighteen-year-old Rogelio Alvarez Maravilla is expected to be sentenced Monday for the fatal hit-and-run of a beloved Clovis Unified administrator in September.

In October, he pled no contest to leaving the scene of an accident, vehicular manslaughter, driving without a license and destruction of evidence.

Our legal analyst, David Mugridge, says sentencing could range anywhere from two to six years.

He says the judge has a lot to consider.

It took nearly five days for Gladding’s accused killer to come forward.

“He fled the scene, and then he tried to involve other people to help him hide it from view, which looks pretty bad on his part,” Mugridge says.

The length of the sentence could vary, he says.

“I have a strong belief that at the very least he’s going to get the midterm of four years, if not the aggravating term of 6 years,” Mugridge estimates.

On Monday, Mugridge says the court will listen to comments from the defense.

He says, “First of all from the defense, do you have any mitigating circumstances, and that can be anything from he had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), he volunteered at the salvation army, he had all these character witnesses, never had any prior offenses.”

The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office will also get a say.

“The defendant fled instead of giving aide to somebody, and then on top of that we learned that there are some text messages that don’t look good,” Mugridge says.

The text messages sent about Gladding’s death between Alvarez Maravilla and his girlfriend will also likely be considered.

“We’ve lost a father, we’ve lost a husband, we’ve lost an educator and we’ve lost a very good man.  How do you value that?” Mugridge says.

He adds that he had been told Alvarez Maravilla has shown little remorse.

Adding, that if he was his client, he would strongly suggest Alvarez Maravilla apologize to the Gladding family Monday in court.

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