FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A tragic accident near Woodward Park in Fresno claimed the life of a well-known bicyclist in the community last week.

Friends of 61-year-old Paul Moore said he was caring, funny, and he was a fast cyclist. But most of all they say, he always did everything on the roads to stay safe.

That’s why they were shocked when he was he was struck and killed by a truck on Friant and Audubon on Wednesday afternoon.

 “It took me a couple of days to really grasp that he was gone,” said Yvonne Morano.

Friends embraced each other Sunday as they mourned the loss of Moore.

“He was just a humble human being, he was always there for anybody who needed him,” recalled Morano. “There was never a no from him.”

They say Moore was the heart of the cycling community in Fresno and brought cheer and experience to the group.

“No matter how intense the road is or the weather, or the problems that we would face you always need that one level-headed person, that joy and the fun factor,” explained Gwendolyn Oviedo.

“My husband and I make that turn every single day to go to work and not one day has gone by that we have not talked about it,” said Oviedo.

Authorities say Moore was riding a low-style bike when the truck turned off Friant and hit him.

He was killed on impact.

“It’s scary that you can follow all the rules and do everything the right way by the book and these things still happen,” Oviedo explained.

Now his friends say they’re thinking twice before taking to the roads and are advising others to do the same.

“When you’re going to cross the street, make sure that eye contact is there and that person sees you and you’re safe to cross,” said Morano.

The group says they plan on having a memorial ride for Moore in the upcoming weeks.

Moore leaves behind a wife and son.