FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Veterans are still figuring out what to do after the roof of a Veterans in Foreign Wars (VFW) in Fresno collapsed two weeks ago.

Veterans in charge of Post 8900 say the damage most likely won’t be covered by their insurance

Veterans who were inside the building when the roof collapsed say it made them feel like they were back overseas.

“Rumbling like a train going by you know my door was closed to see snow that was the insulation that was flying everywhere,” said Jerry Sanchez Hall Manager of VFW

Luckily no one was hurt when the roof caved in.

Commander of the post Willie Tate Jr. says his staff saw cracks just days before the roof caved in.

“We notified the insurance company and then four days the actual entire hall roof collapsed,” said Commander Tate.

 After the collapse commander tate was then told the damages were not covered in the VFW’s insurance policy

“We were notified by an outside agency that they reviewed our policy with the local broker here they stated they didn’t see any verbiage in our policy that we were covered on the collapse,” Commander Tate continued.

The VFW is still waiting on the final report from the insurance company.

Without the insurance money, it will be harder for the VFW to rebuild to serve its more than 300 veterans who call the hall home away from home.

“It really hurts them we are a brotherhood we have a strong comradery and then now we have basically no place to come together and enjoy each other,” said Commander Tate.

To make things worse, the VFW has already lost tens of thousands of dollars by canceling parties, weddings, and other events that were supposed to be held in the hall.

“I think I’ve got to pass out another four checks … and it’s roughly around thirty thousand dollars now keep in mind we got bookings for next year,” said Sanchez

The VFW is still working on putting together a Gofundme link to help with repairs.