FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – After days of searching, a central valley business owner has finally reunited with her stolen business. 

Ashley Cobbs is the Owner of “Oh So Suite” a traveling bridal suite. It’s a luxury mobile bridal suite designed to let brides get married outside or at a venue without a bridal suite a place to get ready for their special day. 

“We took it to its first wedding over the weekend and I picked it up Sunday morning and took it back to our shop and locked it in the yard. And we got a call Monday morning from one of our employees that the gate is wide open and the gate is gone,” Cobbs said. 

But right after it was rented out for their first wedding, her trailer was stolen. 

“I looked back at our footage from our surveillance immediately and we can see around 2:45 a.m. Monday morning they came and took it. I was crushed. We had just finished it. It was just taking off,” she added. 

Devastated, Cobbs posted on social media letting everyone know her trailer was stolen from her shop in Fresno. Dozens of calls later, someone let her know they found the trailer abandoned near Jensen Avenue. 

Cobbs now has the trailer back, but whoever stole it left scratches all over the outside and stole nearly everything inside of it. 

She said they stole all the furniture that was inside the trailer, a Bluetooth speaker, a coffee maker, and nearly anything else that wasn’t nailed down. 

She also said on top of scratches on the outside of the trailer, she believes the suspect didn’t attach the trailer to their truck correctly, and part of the latch looks damaged as well. 

Cobbs said she doesn’t know what the suspects thought they were stealing, but she has this message for whoever did it. 

“Thank you for dumping it. And leaving it intact. It could have been a lot worse they could have done some real damage to it. So I just hope you enjoy the furniture and thanks for dumping it!” 

She said Fresno Police are investigating the case, but if you know anything about the possible suspects, to give police a call. 

If you have any information contact the Fresno Police Department at (559) 621-7000.