Fresno State launching their new Recycle 2020 Project

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Fresno State says they generate 1,440 tons of garbage in just one year. So, today they kicked off their new recycle 2020 project. 

Michael Mayfield is the President of Fresno State’s Sustainability Club. He says this project is to inform more students the importance of recycling correctly. 

“Basically we got a new waste contractor and we are trying to make people mindful about what’s going into the landfill,” says Mayfield. 

Mayfield says the goal is to increase the reusable rate from 55% to 80%  by 2020. Which means having more students recycle their plastic water bottles in the blue trash cans. 

“By 2020 to rapidly improve our recycling output,” says Mayfield. “This goal, this initiative, is to get the community to just know what is going on.”

Fresno State students say they try to be earth conscious by using reusable water bottles and disposing trash in the right bins. 

Bryan Figueroa is a student at Fresno State. He says he wrote a paper on plastic pollution for one of his classes and that’s when he realized the power of recycling. 

“Plastic pollution is starting to be a bigger problem as the days go on,” says Figueroa. “So, people are more active and recycling and keeping the world more green.”

Jonathan Woodard is a student at Fresno State. He says it is good to recycle and he does whenever he can. 

“It also helps with keeping the campus clean and you don’t want to be detrimental to the environment,” says Woodward. 

Mid-Valley Disposal is a privately held recycling and waste management company that works closely with Fresno State. 

Guillermo Deniz is the Recycling Coordinator for Mid-Valley Disposal. He says they teach Fresno State new techniques to reduce the amount of waste they produce.  

“Basically we are trying to get them to be familiar with how we do things,” says Deniz. “We have been working with the maintenance , we have been working with students as well to basically try and improve their diversion rate,” says Deniz.

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