FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – We’re all feeling the potholes making for a bumpy ride on the streets of Fresno. While right now a quick fix is underway, fixing the underlying problem is going to cost tens of millions of dollars.

“We have decaying roads in our city as a result of the fact that we do not have a repaving cycle that is anywhere near it should be in the City of Fresno. The funding has not been allocated for that over the years it still isn’t we are very heavily reliant on state assistance,” said Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer.

City officials are ringing the alarm bell after recent storms left the streets of Fresno riddled with thousands of potholes.

“We had 180,000 pounds of asphalt cold mix that were used to fill potholes to date just this month that over 10 times the typical amount,” said Scott Mozier Director of Public Works.

City crews have worked 50-hour work weeks to get a temporary fix in place and the work continues.

But many of these streets need to be repaved, and until proper funds are allocated, the streets will continue to deteriorate.

“Measure C gas tax and SB-1 are critical really a greater amount of funding is needed in order to maintain the streets of the city,” said Mozier.

The city estimates that it needs 51 million dollars to improve road conditions throughout Fresno.

While major grants are available from president Biden’s Build Back Better plan, Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer says the money is intended for major freeways and railways

“We at the local level are going to be stressing to the federal government as well as the state government that our needs are really most pressing in neighborhoods on city streets, not the major thorough fairs those are the ones have often been left behind,” he said.

If you do see a pothole you can report it on your phone using the Fresgo app or you can call the city at 311.