FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – As rain returned to the City of Fresno and the surrounding area Thursday, Fresno Public Works sprang back into wet season form.

Many cleared drains and made sure to check pumps to ensure the water had a place to go.

“It’s much easier to get our street swept, gutters clear, and have the system functioning properly than to be responding in the middle of the night when we have problems and it’s not been prepared. So, crews, our teams have been preparing well,” said Fresno Public Works Director Scott Mozier.

And one thing every crew kept an eye out for was one of drivers’ most hated obstacles — potholes.

Potholes potentially present a growing problem when the rain starts to fall.

“When we get rains mixing in with the potholes and then heavy vehicles, especially trucks hitting those, then that really further damages the pavement and it will start breaking apart much more quickly,” said Mozier.

While preventing flooded streets and crumbling roads is a top priority for the city and a top thing for drivers to look out for, the California Highway Patrol also asks that drivers check their tires, headlights, brake lights, and vehicles before they take the wet road.

They say above all, to take it slow, especially with the earlier rains in the season.

“We do expect the roadway to be a lot more slippery due to the grime that’s on there mixed with the water. The oil, the water mixing up definitely makes for a slippery start to any commute out there,” said Mike Salas with CHP.

Fresno residents are asked to call public works or report if they see a pothole, flooded street, or clogged drain using the FresGO app.