FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Health officials say we should all prepare for the ‘tripledemic’—  a triple threat of COVID, Flu and RSV infection.

Doctors say the danger posed by a possible triple-demic is something everyone should be aware of. This illness upticks during the fall and winter. Protecting yourself is critical.

Alex Madrigal has been working with children at an afterschool program in Reedley for two years. He says so far, a few kids have been getting sick.

“I’d say that like a lot more like kindergartners,” said Madrigal. “Elementary school students, in my experience, have gotten more sick than middle school.”

The Fresno County Public Health Department said right now, health officials are preparing for what they call a ‘tripledemic’ with kids and people in the community.

“We’re familiar with what it’s like to have to deal with respiratory infections. But now it’s not just COVID, we’re also seeing the reemergence of influenza, which has plagued us for four decades,” said Fresno County Public Health’s Dr. John Zweifler. “And also now RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, a Virus that I think we’re becoming more aware of because it causes a huge, huge disease burden for our youngest and most vulnerable children.”

Doctors at Valley Children’s Hospital said hospitalization rates are low related to the tripledemic, but are preparing as usual, in case things pick up.

“We are increasing our nursing staff, our physician staff, our respiratory therapy staff,” said Dr. Karen Dahl.

Ahead of the holidays, they have tips on how parents can prevent their children from getting sick and take them to the hospital.

“If you’re going to be seeing susceptible family members, maybe that’s the time you want to start masking again,” said Dr. Dahl. “Before that visit make sure that you’re not bringing a virus with you to the holiday gatherings.”

As for Madrigal, he said he will do his part and take precautions for himself and his students.

“We’re kind of approaching or in through flu season. You know, I would like to,” said Madrigal. “Yes, you probably should get a flu vaccine.”

Another tip from the Public Health Department is to stay on top of Flu, RSV, and COVID shots.