Fresno Police officer raises money to help a woman robbed of $3K, and her dream

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Back in January, a Fresno woman’s purse was stolen with $3,000 inside – money she desperately needed.

Blanca Valle is a single mother of three, and says she saved that money for nearly a year to buy a truck for work.

After it was stolen, a Fresno Police officer who assisted in the case took it upon himself to start a GoFundMe account.

She’s overwhelmed with all the support she and her family have received from officer David Ponek, she says. “I appreciate the police, it’s a beautiful thing to see police help out with situations like mine.”

A situation that left her bruised and broke, police say back on Jan. 15, Valle was getting her nails done and she sat down her purse for a moment.

That’s when police say two women walked in and stole it.

“She tried to recover from the parking lot, she was punched in the face,” Ponek says.

Inside Valle’s purse was $3,000 that she was going to use to buy a truck the next day.

“She was going to use that truck to deliver tortillas around town, it was her dream, she just wanted to provide a better life for her family,” he says.

The women were caught: one the same day and the other turned herself in the next day. Both arrested and are facing felony theft, but the money was never recovered.

“It inspires me more to help her and get this money back for her because she’s not getting a whole lot of help from anybody else and I’m in a position to help her,” Ponek says.

That’s when he started a GoFundMe account and hopes the community and other organizations step in and help out as well.

“I feel fortunate and lucky,” Valle says of all Ponek is doing to help her.

Police say both suspects are out of jail right now. Patricia Odeneal plead guilty as of last friday, and Magdalena Madero will face a judge on March 26.

As for Valle if you would like to help, you can donate at her GoFundMe page.

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