FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – It’s a new year, but the City of Fresno faces the same street racing problem.

On Jan. 1, the Fresno Police Department joined multiple law enforcement agencies to conduct a street racing operation, which resulted in: 138 citations, 22 impounded vehicles, four felony arrests, and one firearm recovered.

“A lot of cars got towed, a lot of people got tickets that deserved to get tickets,” said Felipe Uribe with the Fresno Police Department.

Uribe says their goal was to send a strong message for the new year; trying to avoid another year of an increase in street racing. In 2020, the department arrested, cited, or impounded 284 people for street racing. In 2021, that number went up to 316.

“Why? I couldn’t tell you why, but we noticed it, everybody noticed it. This is why we took different measures than we have in the past,” Uribe said.

City councilmember Mike Karbassi says he believes the police department needs more resources.

“When we have enforcement, calls for racing go down – impounds and racing go down – because there are consequences. However, as a city facing record numbers of violent crime, we only have so many resources, and we have to deploy them as best as possible,” he said.

The department just put together a tip line for residents to specifically report street racing and sideshows: 559-621-7223.