FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The Fresno Police Department is reminding the public that sideshows and reckless driving are illegal after breaking up several large sideshows Sunday evening.

Officers say they responded to multiple calls for service related to illegal sideshows at various locations throughout the city Sunday night. 

The largest event was located at Blackstone and Bullard avenues involving over 300 vehicles and spectators, according to authorities.  

Officers say they witnessed several vehicles doing burnouts while spectators watched and recorded with their phones.

Officers say they dispersed the crowd but some of the vehicles regathered in a nearby parking lot at Blackstone and Sierra Avenue. 

According to officers, they were quickly diverted to the second location and conducted several traffic stops for reckless driving and operating vehicles with illegal modifications. Multiple vehicles were impounded from both locations.

Officers want to remind the public again that participating in sideshows and reckless driving is illegal and is not tolerated in Fresno.