After operating for 60 years the owners of Fig Garden Golf Club announced they’ll be closing at the end of 2018. 

David Knott and his father, Gordon Knott sent a letter to members and friends of the golf club letting them know of the closure. 

“My decision to close has been very sad and difficult but due to the decline of interest in the game over the last few years, increase in facilities in the area and ever increasing operational costs,” Knott wrote. “I have not been able to keep up with facility and equipment upgrades necessary to provide the quality that you continue to expect and provide the tools necessary for our staff to perform at their best.” 

Golfing On Thanksgiving

Some people ditched the cooking and grabbed their golf clubs to play one more round at the Fig Garden Golf Club. 

“Playing golf on Thanksgiving morning makes the turkey taste real good,” Jack Van Grouw said. 

Grouw has been playing at the Fig Garden Golf Club on Thanksgiving day for the last 15 years. 

“I got to be there (home) on a certain time for dinner so I can cut the turkey,” he said. 

The news of the closure was a surprised for many members who enjoy the 18 hole golf course. 

“It’d be nice to keep it open because we lost public golf courses here in Fresno. It’d be nice to keep open a public golf course,” Gregory Horton said. 

Golfing at Fig Garden Golf Club on Thanksgiving Day, a tradition that will now be a memory for some. 

The owners have not said what will happen to golf club.