FRESNO, Calif (KSEE/KGPE) – The Big Fresno fair may be over but it’s not done bringing joy to people’s faces and stomachs.

After another successful year of the big Fresno fair, there is one thing left to do go fishing. 

Fishing at the Big Fresno Fair is an exciting experience for those who don’t have the chance to make a big catch at a lake or stream. 

CEO of the Big Fresno Fair Laurie King says, “For a lot of children, this is their first and only opportunity going fishing”

Now the fish are being served as a meal for those less fortunate.

For 14 years the Big Fresno Fair has donated fish from Catfish Falls to the Poverello House to feed those in need. 

 Laurie King CEO of Big Fresno Fair says “Were taking all of the fish people had hours and hours of entertainment with that they fished and got that very first tug on the line and now we’re taking them down to the Poverello House”

Workers from the Big Fresno Fair and Poverello house spent their Wednesday casting their nets. 

Fish were caught and transferred into large bins to be delivered to kitchen staff. 

Shane Guthrey facilities director “We get em over to the kitchen and we have been able to fill thousands of stomachs with the fish”

The chefs at the Poverello House will then use the catfish and carp to prepare fish tacos and soup for the homeless.