FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – With more heavy rain on the way the Fresno Metropolitan Flood and Control District and the City of Fresno are working around the clock to make room in ponding basins. 

Over the past 16 days water pumps at Fresno county ponding basins have worked nonstop to prevent flooding. 

Crews are taking advantage of the break in the wet weather to pump water out of ponding basins and into the Fresno irrigation system to make room for the incoming storm. 

“We have received 5 inches of rainfall in the last 16 days which is a very substantial amount of rainfall in such a short time frame, so our basins have obviously filling up,” said Jarrod Takemoto, Engineer at Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control. 

Without pumps pushing water out, the water would flood the surrounding community

“We are actively monitoring all of the basins throughout the community to make sure we’re providing the level of service to the entire community,” said Takemoto. 

Since Monday, the pump at a 20-acre ponding basin has lowered the water levels by 3 feet. 

The city of Fresno says its partnership with the flooding control district is key to keeping roads from flooding. 

“The checking of the basin levels pumping them down where possible is preparing us for the next storm.” Said Scott Mozier Director of Public Work for the city of Fresno. 

The flood control district says it’s not likely that ponds in basins will overflow to flood into the street and away from homes.