FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The Riverbend RV Park near Sanger is under a flooding threat once again by the rising Kings River.

Those who call the park home have been dealing with flooding since March.

Taylor Warkentin made a moat of dirt and sandbags around her home to keep the water out.

“I walk outside in rainboots and sometimes it’s like ankle-deep water up to my front porch,” she said.

The park is under an evacuation warning from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. This bridge is the only way in and out of the park and today it’s under several inches of water.

There are concerns that the bridge could collapse so for now Warkentin says her mobile home will have to stay where it is.

“You feel like this isn’t a great place for a car and people are afraid the bridge is damaging their car and driving over water and stuff like that” Warkentin explained.

The Fresno County Office of Emergency Services warns the river will only get higher. When an evacuation order is put in place an emergency shelter will be open and this time around, they may have to stay there for several months.

“We’re not looking until probably the end of June into July when the peak flows will happen and so if the water recedes then it will be a matter if a home had damage where it was not inhabitable so potentially we could be shelter people for a couple of months,” said Terri Mejorado Emergency Manager of the Fresno County Office of Emergency Services.

While county officials work to draw up the evacuation plan Warkentin and her husband are wondering what will happen to their home especially because they don’t have flood insurance.

“My husband doesn’t want to leave everything he has is in that house so he’s worried when we leave nobody gonna take care of it and it’s just gonna flood and we couldn’t get flood insurance because there is a moratorium,” said Warkentin.