FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – First responders have been dealing with three mass shootings in California over the past week.  

Mass shootings are top of mind for millions of Californians. The Fresno County Department of Probation says it has the resources to help families deal with the life-changing loss of losing a loved one in a mass shooting event.

“We don’t talk a lot about the recovery phase of mass casualty events you hear about the investigative you hear about what’s going on with the offender. It has been so important to get the message out for so long is to ensure the community that if an event happens like that in our community that there is confidence that the families and the victims will be taken care of,” said Karen Roach Assistant Deputy Chief Probation Officer Fresno County.

The Fresno County Department of Probation says they are prepared for a day that they hope never comes.

“If a horrible event should occur in Fresno County that we have trained advocates that are ready and able to help the families in their recovery,” said Luna.

Working with victims of tragedy is not something new to the department.

The Fresno County Department of Probation has worked with victims of violent crimes since the 1970s.

Mass Victimization Advocate Cybil Luna says she and her team of 21 advocates are working around the clock to help those who need it most.

“When you are the victim of crime it can be very confusing. You have a bunch of paperwork, you have met 20 different people and you got all these different cards and you don’t really know who to talk to,” Said Luna.

The department works to guide victims through the confusion of legal proceedings while also providing services to fit their needs.

“Whether they have medical bills or they can’t work because they are injured or they have a court case but don’t know the name of their prosecutor, they connect them back to the criminal justice system,” said Luna.

The Fresno County Department of Probation says victims of violent crime can contact their office online.