FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – With the first reported death due to West Nile Virus in Fresno County this year health experts are warning that mosquitoes carrying the deadly disease are still a cause for concern.

“Yes it is late in the season but we still see mosquitos around and actively still remember it’s been warmer,” said Health Educator Leticia Berber for the Fresno County Department of Public Health.

There have been 10 cases of the virus reported so far this year in the county.

Most people who are bitten by a mosquito with the virus may feel flu-like symptoms

But for those with underlying conditions, it could be deadly.

“Having diabetes having asthma or any other health issues leaves you a serious risk of being hospitalized or death,” said Berber.

Katherine Ramirez with the Fresno County Mosquito Abatement District says the department has seen more mosquitos this year.

“It was a little bit later this year, but we did see the virus higher than last year… and we’ve still collected positive mosquitos last week,” said Ramirez.

She continued “We really can see mosquitos all year it all depends on our temperature in this area so if mosquitos get in your house, they can continue to develop in the wintertime.”

But there are simple steps residents can take to protect themselves and their loved ones.

One easy step to keep mosquitos away from home is to remove standing water because they are breeding ground for mosquitos.

Other steps would include avoiding mosquitos by staying indoors and at the peak hours of dusk and dawn. Also, be sure to keep plenty of repellent like “Deet” on hand.