FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – This year’s wildfire season could be worse than previous years because of all brush that grew with the wet weather from this winter, according to Fresno County Cal Fire.

Fresno County Cal Fire, along with other local agencies, will be training near Millerton Lake ahead of what could be a devastating wildfire season.

“This week is so important because it’s dusting off the spider webs for everybody getting ready for the peak and busier fire season,” said Seth Brown with Fresno County Cal Fire.

On the ground, Firefighters have been practicing digging hundreds of yards of fire lines, rolling thousands of feet of hose through fields, and drenching simulated fires.

From the air, Fresno County’s Cal Fire’s State-contracted helicopter crew is also practicing dropping 2500 gallons of water on the islands of Millerton Lake.

“When we have the heavy rains we experienced this winter and then this spring we’ve had several patches of nice sunny weather … happens more grass growing,” Brown said. “When the grass is thicker and higher the fire intensity is going to be greater.”

When they’re not training, firefighters have been busy battling real flames from brushfires that have already started across the county.

According to firefighters, they say all it takes is a spark, and they are asking the public to do their part and for them to be safe and keep their families safe.

“Clear the vegetation, the brush, and trees around your home for a hundred feet. That’s only going to give your structures and home a better survivability rate, if a wildfire comes through it’s gonna be safer for fighters to come in and save your home,” said Brown.