Fresno apartment residents say the water is back on after 4 days. But claim it’s an ‘ongoing issue’

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Dozens of residents can now breath a sigh of relief after they say were without running water for four days at The Springs Apartment complex. 

The water is back on. 

The water shut off was only on one side of the apartment complex, but residents say this is an ongoing issue, and this the first time they’ve ever gone this long without water.

“The pressure is not too great, but at least it’s water, I’ll take anything right now,” says a resident while turning on her kitchen faucet.

As of Saturday morning, the smallest amount of running water brings comfort and relief after many residents say they’ve been without it since Tuesday, as well as on Thanksgiving Day.

John Molnar, a resident, says, “It’s very frustrating, it really is.”

Notices were left on doors, residents say, explaining that a main waterline had busted and would take some time to fix.

“We’ve been getting these every day, this was the first one that said it was going to be off for eight hours, and then the next day we got another one saying it was going to be on at 7 a.m., then Thanksgiving Day we heard nothing at all, no one called us, no one told us anything,” a resident says.

Molnar, who’s lived at the apartment complex for six years, says this is an ongoing problem.

“It’s like putting a band-aid on things, you know, they fix it for now and then another, they probably have several water mains around this complex and it’s just getting to be an ongoing thing,” Molnar says.

Residents say they were offered a reimbursement on Friday by the apartments if they wanted to check into a hotel.

We reached out to the rental office, they said they could not comment. We were given the manager’s name and number to call, we left a message but did not hear back.

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