FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – With a few days of dry weather before rain once again pours down on the valley floor, the property managers at the Riverbend RV Park off of Highway 180 near Sanger said they’re getting ready for the storm. 

“It’s usually about a foot and a half or so below that,” one of the property managers said, pointing at how high the Kings River came up beneath a bridge at their park.  

The duo spent most of Tuesday letting people who live along the water know they will need to move their RV, and let others know they will need sandbags to try to keep any rising floodwaters out of their homes.

“The danger here is the debris that comes from up high. It slows the water down, that’s a lot of the problem, if you can keep it flowing then it doesn’t present as much as a danger,” one of the managers said, explaining how if the river clogs, the debris basically forms a dam on the property. 

They said the water now is much higher than it was when it flooded back in January. 

“That worries me because it wasn’t this high last time, and this time I’m like how far is she going to go this time, she can move this bridge if she gets high enough, so we’ll see,” the manager said. 

In January deputies with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office had to come to the park and knock on everyone’s doors saying it was unsafe to stay. 

The FCSO issued evacuation warnings for much of eastern Fresno County on Tuesday, days before the storm hits. They said they wanted to give people much more advanced notice, as the possibility for flooding is high for this atmospheric river system. 

The main concern for deputies and meteorologists now isn’t just the extreme amounts of rainfall the system will bring. They said they are worried about river levels and possible snowmelt from the rain forecasted high in the mountains. 

“The King’s River has a certain capacity and if we start reaching above that capacity with uncontrolled flows that’s when we start to worry more,” Lt. Brandon Purnell said. 

Here is a link to the areas already under an evacuation warning