Forty-five firefighters battle a fire at an abandoned home. The home is a ‘total loss’

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Fresno firefighters battled a three-alarm fire at a 2 story, abandoned home near downtown Fresno Friday night.

The fire erupted around 7:30 p.m. at First Street and Platt Avenue, and it quickly escalated to a three-alarm fire by 7:50 p.m., says Fresno Fire spokesperson Robert Castillo.

However, the then fully engulfed home was located near a Fresno Fire station, and firefighters saw smoke immediately leaving the station.

There were 45 firefighters on scene, mainly to protect the fire from spreading by embers being blown in the wind.

Homes to the east and west of the home were a high concern during the fire, and they suffered some heat damage, but are still livable.

The rainy, wet weather had zero impact on fire suppression, Castillo says.

The home is a “total loss,” but Castillo estimates a rebuild cost to be near $150,000.

Neighbors say the home was abandoned, and they’ve had trouble with homeless people living there.

The home was previously boarded up, and it’s not uncommon for homeless people to occupy a vacant building, Castillo says, but it’s difficult to determine the cause of a total loss fire.

There were no injuries reported.

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