Footage released of 2016 deadly officer-involved shooting. Family takes Fresno PD to court

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For the first time, body camera footage of a March 2016 deadly shooting involving a Fresno Police officer is released.

The family of Raymond Angel Gonzalez tried to sue the city, but the case was thrown out, so now the family’s attorney, Humberto Guizar, is taking the case to the public.

Additonally, the attorney for the Gonzalez family is also representing the family of Freddy Centeno, who was also shot and killed by Fresno Police.

The attorney says the same officer who shot Centeno also shot Gonzalez, and used excessive force in both cases.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer explains the newly released footage: “It is at this point when he reaches up and tries to discard the firearm here against the wall, that firearm comes back down and he ends up landing on the ground.”

Dyer says video shows what appears to be Gonzalez reaching for the gun at certain points.

He says the officer gave several commands to surrender, but Guizar claims the officer used excessive force, and the body camera video supports the family’s case.

“The fact of the matter is he didn’t have his hands in his pockets and he didn’t have another gun and he was shot in the chest in cold blood,” the family’s attorney says.

The family of Freddy Centeno says he was also shot and killed by the same Fresno Police officer.

His brother says, “This one officer killed my brother Freddy and Angel Gonzalez within six months. It’s not normal.”

Both families tried to sue the city, but the cases were thrown out and dismissed by a judge.

The Centeno case was appealed, and the appeal denied. The Gonzalez case is going through the appeal process right now.

Dyer says an independent review determined both shootings were justified, and the courts backed that up.

“Whenever an attorney like Humberto Guizar cannot get the results that he wants to get through the court system, he’s going to turn to the public for sympathy and that is what he’s doing here,” Dyer says.

Gonzalez’s sister says her brother didn’t deserve to die.

“My brother was not a dangerous person, he was not he was not perfect by any means, but he was never harmful or has he ever harmed anyone,” his sister, Christina Muiz, says.

But Dyer says otherwise.

“He was extremely high, and he was refusing to obey commands of officer price and he was armed with a hand gun, he was on parole, he was a gang member, he was wanted for a shooting that occurred 13 days earlier,”

An appeal in the Gonzalez case was filed Feb. 19.

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