FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Driving through thick fog Friday morning has led many to observe just how many drivers in Fresno did not have their lights on.

If you cannot see the vehicles coming towards you – then it’s likely that they cannot see you, officials say. Fog-related incidents in Fresno County claimed three lives in the space of 20 days at the end of 2021.

Those who were killed included an eight-year-old girl on Friant Road, a motorcyclist in Fresno, and a van driver outside Kerman.

“I can’t stress enough, we really need to have everyone take a look at their speeds, slow down,” said CHP Officer Mike Salas following the incident outside Kerman. “The fog is very unforgiving.”

Speed was also a factor when a semi-truck crashed into a train in southeast Fresno on Wednesday.

“It was a very slow-moving train,” said Officer Salas following that incident. “There were flares alerting the traffic due to the low visibility, due to the fog. That commercial driver just was not paying attention, driving a little bit too fast due to the foggy conditions and collided directly into the right side of that train.”

Investigators say speed was a factor in this five-vehicle crash on Highway 180 back in November.

“Since I’ve been living here for 6 years, I think this year I have noticed there’s more fog, or just every year I notice more and more fog,” says Satpal Sidhu, who lives in Fresno.

Braving the thick fog, Sidhu is one of many Fresnans that woke up to a blanket of fog over the central valley, making sure that he drove safely this morning on his way to work.

“I just keep in mind to drive slow, it doesn’t matter if you drive slow because you’ll be late only a couple of minutes,” says Sidhu.

Paying attention to the road ahead is one part of safe driving in the fog, says the National Weather Service, which asks drivers to slow down and give extra time to get to their final destination.

Adding to that, the CHP’s advice is to turn your headlights on low beam and – so your tail lights are also – on as vehicles can disappear inside the fog. When visibility is low – being seen can make all the difference.