FIREBAUGH, Calif. (KGPE) — It’s a gloomy day in Firebaugh but the Buffalo Bills pride shining bright, from the marquee when you enter the small farm town to one at the high school.

“We got to show our support and let everyone know that it’s Bills Mafia time,” said Marcel Espinoza.

On the Bills roster, one of Firebaugh’s own, Number 17 Quarterback Josh Allen. He’s playing in the AFC Championship on Sunday in Kansas City.

“It’s so impactful to see him play on Sunday’s and we all get super rowdy and pumped up for him so we can’t wait to see him play the Chiefs,” Espinoza said.

Espinoza, Allen’s childhood friend, says the town wanted to go big for the guy who means a lot to the small community.

So, friends decked out in Allen’s jersey, including this pup, lined main street with about 45 of these flags with the NFL star’s name on them.

“We want that stands out from the town of Firebaugh, something that not only us but the kids in this community can see it and say look it he made it, he made it out of here from Firebaugh and now he’s in the NFL and maybe I can do that and that was a big factor behind it,” Espinoza said.

Firebaugh’s Mayor Pro Tem says Allen is humble. He supports the local FFA chapter and other organizations.

“Super happy to know him, to have him come from our community,” said Brady Jenkins.

Not all friends and family can be at the game live, the Los Angeles Times reported Allen’s dad is recovering from COVID-19.

But Espinoza says his brother and Allen’s former high school coach flew to cheer him on.

“My brother and Coach Mag, they’re super excited to be there and get to watch Josh play in such a high-level game,” Espinoza said.

A high-level game with a trip to the Super Bowl riding on the line.