FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – As the threat of a government shutdown looms, many federal workers in the Central Valley are feeling uneasy as they could be furloughed or working without pay until an agreement between lawmakers to fund the government is met.

“Even if the shutdown lasts for three or four days, we’re not gonna be paid on our normal pay date,” said Aaron Mcglothin president of the President Federal Correctional Institution in Mendota.

He says a shutdown could be devastating to federal workers.

“It’s more disheartening knowing that we have to scramble to make ends meet until Capitol Hill can get their act together,” said Mcglothin.

McGlothlin is just one of thousands of essential federal employees in the valley who will still have to go to work while not getting paid.

McGlothin says the last time the government shut down he and his colleagues went six weeks without pay.

“When staff did receive their paychecks, they were quite a bit less than normal because all of the backpay is lumped into one paycheck and staff were taxed at a higher income rate,” said McGlothlin.

There are more than 194,000 federal employees in the state. Essential employees would still have to work without pay if the government shuts down.

Valley Congressman Jim Costa says a shutdown should never happen. 

“Our budget process is broken we struggle with his way too often,” said Representative Costa. “The question is are we going to allow the government to shut down on Oct. 1, I hope not, it’s irresponsible and we should not do it.”

Valley Congressmen and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has been criticized by his opponents for not addressing the issue earlier. 

“We are bringing up on Friday the ability to fund the government but at the same time securing our border so yes we are doing our job,” said Speaker McCarthy.

The deadline for congress to reach an agreement is Saturday at 9 p.m.