FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – For the first time, the family of the man killed by Fresno Police protested outside of the Fresno Federal Courthouse calling for justice.  

“Justice for Corchado,” and “Hands up don’t shoot” Those were the words on signs held by friends and family of 29-year-old Roberto Corchado.  

“I want justice for my brother,” said Roberto’s sister Alysha Corchado.  

The Corchado sisters, Alysha and Alynna wore shirts during the protest with a photo of their brother with his hands up. 

“To me, he was my brother that is my brother. The police overkilled him,” said Alynna. “There are videos. He was down and he was still being shot at, why?” 

Exclusive witness video shows the moment officers shot at Corchado back on March 4. 

He gets out of the car with his back to the officers, with hands up, he looks back, his hands go down, and he goes forward. At that point in the video, the camera loses him in the bushes. 

Kevin Little is representing the Corchado family. He said it was the witness video that got him to get involved. 

“My reaction was how many times is this going to happen in Fresno?”, questioned Little. “Officers have to be held accountable the same way citizens are held accountable. This was clearly an unlawful shooting, this was a homicide.”  

Within earshot of the protest, Fresno police officers stood nearby.  

Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama declined to comment on the rally and the case. 

However, last week Balderrama released a statement that said Corchado shot at officers back on the day of the shooting. The Chief shared these photos, the first of the police cruiser with bullet holes in the front, and the second of an officer’s vest with a mark in the center. The Chief says that mark is where a bullet hit. 

Police also said that two guns were found near or in the Corchado’s car, which Balderrama said Corchado was prohibited from having the guns because he was a felon. 

The California Department of Justice has taken over the case, stating initially it appears Corchado was unarmed at the time he was shot. 

The Corchado family has not filed a suit yet, but Little says his clients do plan to sue the city.