FIREBAUGH, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The city of Firebaugh is bracing for more storms and possible flooding.

Resident, Marcelino Ramirez said if the San Joaquin River floods it won’t just affect his parent’s property but also the residents who live on their property.

“The Ramirez trailer park, it’s a trailer park that we’ve had here in town we’ve had it for 40 years or so,” Ramirez said. “We have about 22 mobile homes but there are various families in the mobile homes.”

The San Joaquin River runs behind the Ramirez property and lately, the high water levels have become a major concern.

“We’re getting water from two different lakes, we’re getting water from Millerton Lake and Pine Flat Dam being released through the San Joaquin River and the Kings River,” said Sal Raygoza, Police Chief for the City of Firebaugh.

Chief Raygoza said they’ve been monitoring the water levels hourly and if there are changes, they will advise residents immediately.

“And as the snow melts in the future that water is going to affect us so, I anticipate that we’re going to see high water flows through Firebaugh probably through June, July.”

The police chief is also advising residents to stay away from the fast-moving river. He warned that if someone were to fall in, a rescue team would not be able to respond for at least an hour.