Exclusive – Sheriff Mims responds to Biden’s increase in migrant admissions, “We had 15, 16 year olds cross the border that were stone cold killers.”

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The Central Valley could soon see an influx of migrant children, following President Biden’s executive order to increase the number of migrants allowed to cross the border into the country. The annual refugee admission number was at 15,000 under former President Trump, but after taking some heat from his own party Biden decided to raise that number this week to 62,500 for this fiscal year. In an exclusive interview on Sunday Morning Matters, Fresno county Sheriff Margaret Mims tells Alexan Balekian that Biden’s new migrant admission policy is not a good idea. Mims says the country needs to have a better vetting policy on the border. Mims recalled the 2017 case in mendota where they rounded up a large number of MS-13 gang members who committed violent crimes. Mims says there’s 15 and 16-year olds coming across the border who are “stone cold killers.”

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