“I’m angry when I think about her and I’m sad but I don’t feel like this is real.”

The sister of the woman, who Tulare Police say drowned her twin babies in a motel bathtub, speaks to us as her family tries to pick up the pieces.

Teresa Langdon says she just saw her sister Heather last weekend. That’s the last time they spent time together. Now Teresa has to bury her nephews Mason and Maddox Murguia as her little sister remains in Tulare County Jail.

Less than 48 hours since tragedy struck Teresa Langdon and her family, she sat down with me and read the letter she prepared for loved ones.

“We will never put the pieces back together but we ask that you keep us all in your prayers as we do the best we can,” said Teresa.

Teresa got the call at work, news of her younger sister Heather from her sobbing mother.

“Honestly I thought my sister had killed herself,” said Teresa.

37-year-old Heather Langdon didn’t commit suicide. Tulare Police say she drowned her twin boys in a bathtub at the Virginia Motor Lodge. A nightmare Teresa can’t fathom.

“Because not only have I lost my two nephews, I have lost my sister as well,” said Teresa.

Mason and Maddox Murguia were ten-months-old. Precious angels of the family — always smiling, Teresa says.

“When they came into this world, they were great.”

She says Heather was a stay-at-home mom who loved her babies.

“If she did do this, it is unforgivable.”

Teresa says Heather shared the twins with her ex-husband. They also have three older sons struggling to process what’s happened.

“They no longer have a mother,” said Teresa.

Asked if Heather showed any signs of trouble when the sisters saw each other last Sunday.

“But it was just an every day and she seemed normal,” said Teresa.

Three days later, Heather left home with the twins and Wednesday night, police say officers gave the mother and infants a ride to a nearby motel after Heather got kicked out of a women’s shelter.

“I wish I would have followed a gut feeling and gone over and picked up the babies,” said Teresa.

Teresa can’t turn back time but knows Mason and Maddox should be alive.

“Not being able to see who they were going to be or what they were going to become.”

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