TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office issued evacuation orders for the Three Rivers Area Friday.

Officials say the evacuation order will include all homes and businesses on North Fork Drive, south of the Baillie Bridge to Sierra Drive (Highway 198); All homes and businesses on South Fork Drive, north of Conley Bridge to Sierra Drive (Highway 198); All homes and businesses along the Middle Fork, Sierra Drive (Highway 198) to the National Park Boundary, including Mineral King Road.

Tulare Sheriff Boudreaux recommended all homes on North Fork Drive, north of the Bailey Bridge, and all homes on South Fork Drive, south of the Connelly Bridge to Shelter in Place.  

Officials say an evacuation order has also been issued for the Springville area along the south bank of the Tule River; for the homes and businesses from Lower Rio Vista east of Bridge Drive to the east of Pleasant Oak Drive on Highway 190. This will include all roads, access roads, and areas in between. Not included is Pleasant Oak Drive.

Highway 190 will be closed east of Pleasant Oaks Drive on Highway 190.