KERMAN. Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – There’s a new place to grab breakfast in Kerman and it’s the first of its kind in California.

“So today is our grand opening of our Kerman Denny’s location, it’s the first drive-thru Denny’s in California, second in the nation which we are super excited about,” said Sahil Sagar, a franchise owner. 

Excitement was in the air as people lined up around the building hoping to be one of the first 100 customers to get a custom cup and free coffee for a month.

City Mayor, Maria Pacheco says some even lined up since Sunday night. 

“I was super surprised about the campers last night, that’s really exciting,” said Pacheco.

Some waited all night, and some waited a few hours to get their hands on the All-American Grand Slam, like this family who were number 30 in line.

Even though the wait was long, they were thankful to have a new place to eat in town.

“We need more places like this, more businesses and everything opening up so that everybody has more of an option around here,” said Mark Lunatriplett, who is a Kerman resident.

The new Denny’s is located at Whitebridge and Goldenrod and includes a conference room to hold business meetings and an outdoor patio.

Pacheco says it’s spaces like these that Kerman lacked.

“Oh my gosh it’s such a big deal any kind of new businesses coming into our city is a big deal right, it offers a lot of economic opportunities for our residents for our youth to come and get jobs,” said Pacheco.

So far over 30 employees have been hired and managers say they will be hiring more as they continue to grow.

But the biggest news is the option to order your food in the drive-thru, a move franchise owners say will provide people with a quality meal without having to sit down and dine in.

The drive-thru menu does not offer every item that the dine-in menu has available inside but it has the most popular items.

The new Denny’s location is open from sunny side up to moons over my hammy, or 24 hours a day, seven days a week.