Dozens get married on Valentine’s Day at the Fresno County Clerk’s Office

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“It’s my honor and privilege to pronounce you husband and wife.” 

Ten years after “love at first sight,” two Fresnans are now newly weds on Valentine’s Day. 

“It’s great, we are excited and well, we are married,” says the new bride, Viviane Reynoso.

Both met in Germany, that is where Viviane currently lives, and where Jonathan Reynoso, her husband, was stationed at.

A decade later, they flew to California to tie the knot.

“I’m her first love so that’s even more endearing for me, and so I wanted to do it kind of picture perfect for her,” Jonathan says. 

Picture perfect, and on a special day. 

But, they aren’t the only couple that said “I do.” Dozens of couples tied the knot Thursday.

And surprise, some didn’t tell anyone, like this couple, they wanted to announce it through the media.

So why on Valentine’s Day?

“Its just a day full of love and since it’s traditional, I thought it would be like nice and unconventional for the both of us,” says new bride, Ashley Givens.

She explains: “We got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2015, and here we are three years later making it final.”

One couple after another joined in marriage in the Fresno County Clerk’s Office.

“Cant forget your anniversary, if you get married on Valentine’s Day, right? Since that’s the day of love for the whole year, I think that’s very special for couples,” says Brandi Orth, the Fresno County Clerk.

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