EXETER, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Residents in a neighborhood in Exeter found an unexpected visitor wandering around the area on Monday, according to the County of Tulare.

Recently, county officials say a mountain lion was spotted in Exeter.

Officials are reminding the community that if you see wildlife in your neighborhood that shouldn’t be there, please report it to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

The Wildlife Incident Reporting (WIR) System allows a public user to do the following:

  • Incident Reporting:
    • Report an observation involving species of interest to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
    • Report nuisance activity and/or property damage involving wildlife (depredation).
    • Property damage reports may result in the issuance of a depredation permit, pending investigation to confirm damages if requested by the reporting party, for species requiring a depredation permit by California Codes and Regulations. A depredation permit allows a permit holder to take the animal believed to cause the property damage.
    • Receive via email, download, and print depredation permits issued by Department staff.
  • Take Entry:
    • Report carcass information online for animals taken/killed by depredation permit as required by conditions of the permit.
    • Report taken pursuant to a depredation permit using the WIR System.
      • Depredation permits for wild pigs require monthly reporting of take using the WIR System, even if zero animals were taken during that reporting period.
      • Depredation permits for other designated species require reporting using the WIR System at the time an animal was taken, or when the depredation permit expires if zero animals were taken.