FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – A series of social media posts by one Fresno City Councilmember is sparking outrage.

The comments tweeted out by Garry Bredefeld surround a pride flag-raising ceremony at city hall, and how a pastor, Raygan Baker addressed prayer during the flag-raising.

“You, queer one, oh queering one, reveal the gifts of falling outside the lines,” said Reverend Raygan Baker at the Pride Flag Raising Ceremony on Friday.

Council member Garry Bredefeld posted on social media early Sunday morning, calling the prayer by Reverend Baker a “disgraceful attack on traditional Christianity”

“Well, as far as I’m concerned, he’s attacking Christians and Christianity, and I thought it was very inappropriate,” said Bredefeld.

These comments came after Reverend Baker spoke at a pride flag-raising ceremony outside of city hall.

“When queer people see it, they say oh I’m safe here. That I’m a part of Fresno too,” said Baker.

“I don’t think the flag should be flying outside city hall, I’ve been very clear about that. I think it should only be the United States Government, and the state of California and the city of Fresno flag that should be flying out there, but I feel that way about all flags,” said Bredefeld.

“I was just surprised at first. It’s never the prayer as the part that people focus on,” said Baker.

Baker is a pastor for the Big Red Church in Fresno. He feels his prayer at the ceremony was justified, especially through what he preaches every day.

“Of course not, I mean I’m a Christian too, I mean, the thing is you know, he and I are both Christians even if we’re in different churches. I’m a gay Christian, and I’m sorry I get to prayer from my perspective too,” he said.

“If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, I don’t know how you would refer to Jesus Christ as the scandalous one, and the queer of nations and all of that. There are people who want to take that and say well you’re against people who are homosexual, which is false and not true. But the fact is when you attack Jesus in what you call a prayer, I’m going to speak up about it and I did,” concluded Bredefeld.

A petition on calling for Bredefeld’s resignation has collected nearly 700 signatures, over the past 9 months.

The petition however just passed the 500-signature mark after his comments on social media on Sunday.

Bredefeld says he is not worried about the petition.