Dinuba woman donates kidney meant for her late fiancé, to a man in Boston

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A Dinuba woman donated her kidney to save a young man she has never met.

She did it to honor her late fiancé after their long journey to find a match.

Crystal Reed is recovering after her surgery on Tuesday, and of course, she says it was painful.

She donated her kidney because of her late fiancé, David Cortez. “He was able to connect with everyone he came in contact with,” Reed says.

He was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2011, and because he had a rare blood type, they couldn’t find a donor to match.

So, Reed decided she was going to do an exchange donation. She would give her kidney to get a kidney for him in return.

But sadly, due to a number of complications, it never worked out.

“We all believe he should have been the one to get it,” Reed explains 

In 2018, he became very ill and died of sepsis at the hospital. She says when he passed, his kidneys were funcitoning at three percent.

Reed says, “he was in a lot of pain,” adding, “I am glad he is not in pain anymore.”

He passed only five months before their wedding, after everything had been finalized, down to the invitations.

Months after his passing, she decided her mission wasn’t complete.

“I didn’t want anybody to go through what he went through,” she says. 

So on Tuesday, she underwent a successful surgery to remove her kidney and save the life of a 20-year-old man in Boston who she had never met. 

“You don’t have to know them to want to save them,” Reed says. 

She hopes by sharing her story that others will want to save a life. “It is the best thing you could ever do for someone,” she says. 

Just like she did for the one she loved most, saying, “It is sad to say he passed, but it saved somebody else’s life too.”

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